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Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an addictive new story based game made up of 5 chapters in which your decisions and actions affect the future storyline. I stumbled upon this game while watching 1 of my favourite gaming Youtubers. I thought at first it would be just another let’s play video I would just leave playing in the background and maybe have a vague interest in. Boy was I wrong, I’m hooked! Addicted! With all the dramatic twists and turns in the story, I now have to know how it ends!

Not often do let’s play videos lead to purchases for me, but I had to buy this game to try out all the possible outcomes and discover extra pieces that others had missed. In all honesty the game starts out blatantly cashing in on the hipster/emo market and some of the things they say are quite cheesy, at first I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but once the action begins the storyline is so engaging that you just have to know more.

Please enjoy the awesome YouTuber: JackSepticEye playing: Life Is Strange

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