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Pets I Would Love To Have – Reptile/Amphibian Edition

Pets I Would Love To Have
– Reptile/Amphibian Edition

…But dad’s allergic & I move house a lot.

I’m trying to get back into the habit of blogging regularly, so please forgive any random, fun, or image filled posts. I need to form the habit of posting often, rather just filling up my drafts folder and doing nothing with them. Once I have programmed my brain to put out regular content, I will hopefully have learned to come prepared. Consider this blogging practice so that one day I may bring you regular, interesting, fun thoughts and adventures. 😊

Please note:

I am not currently in a position to take on any pets, so please rest assured that, although I am sharing some images from Pixabay of some gorgeous reptiles that I would love to have in my life one day, I would never even think of bringing an animal into my life without fully researching every aspect of care, nutrition, habitat and enrichment required to give these amazing creatures a long and happy life! I would never encourage anyone to get a pet of any kind, unless you have fully researched, and have the time, space, financial capacity, responsibility and love to give them a safe, rich and fulfilling life. This is just an image filled post of some incredible creatures and in no way meant to encourage their purchase. That being said, aren’t they amazing!?! 💓😍💜

Leopard & Crested Geckos
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Images from

Images from

Images from

Bearded Dragon
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Skinks, Particularly Blue Tongue
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