Linkin Park came out the year after I left school (School: A traumatic living nightmare I wish I could forget!) & the whole Nu metal/rock/metal scene at that time suddenly made it acceptable to sing/scream out all your anger & feel better. It was ok, to not be ok. They spoke openly about things like depression in their songs & gave people hope because they suddenly felt less alone. Like they could talk about it too. Chester was 1 of many influential voices of a generation (in the earlier years), & it’s just so sad to see him not be able to conquer his demons & lose to depression.

Mental health is still not taken seriously, depression can kill! It does kill! So many people aren’t here that should be! People stigmatise suicide, yet never consider what a person must’ve been through to decide it was the only option. We can’t bring those people back, but we can learn to understand the importance of mental health & understanding! Please look out for those you love, their mental well being, as well as physical. Emotional health is so important! Just as important as anything else, a body needs a healthy mind otherwise it will crumble.

Like Robin Williams, I find this a tragic loss. There are always people out there to help, if you’re struggling please let someone know. Please speak to someone, there will always be someone who wants to help. x ?

Rest in Peace xx