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Blogging! Where Do I Begin?

So, where do I begin? I’ll be honest, I haven’t a clue where to start… I guess I should introduce myself. Welcome to my Blog!

I’m Midnight Belle, pleasure to meet you! Thank you for visiting my blog! You’ll find me to be quite random and eccentric, with a variety of interests and many things things keeping me busy. I get a little scatterbrained with excitement when I have several projects on the go, but you’ll get used to me. (I hope!)

I am one of those strange beings or freaks in society that hasn’t got the world all figured out by the age of 21 (or 35!). I’ve dared to stray beyond my 20’s without achieving the expectations and requirements of the typical British female, resulting in me being a 35 year old, full-time university student working a part-time job. Much of my life is random, chaotic and fun, but you’ll see. ?

I find the term “mature” student laughable, as if every human being suddenly fits into a cookie cutter image, and a light bulb of knowledge suddenly switches on after a certain amount of years on the planet. (I wish! It’d make life easier!) I’m not exactly a party animal student, but I am most certainly not a mature and responsible adult with a plan!

I have tripped and stumbled my way through life (succeeding and failing in all sorts of adventures), desperately hanging on to a keen sense of survival, and a stubborn belief that you can change your life and take control at any point, no matter how old you are! Life is too short to spend miserable, if I don’t like my situation, I move on and try something else. I believe life is to be experienced and enjoyed, memories made and shared.

Ultimately I’d like to have great experiences and become a better, more adventurous and wise person, but like I said; I stumble often. Luckily I pride myself on getting back up again and running head first into the next adventure. Can’t fail forever, right?? To find “Somewhere To Belong” (being the random, geeky, oddball that I am), is of course the dream. Everyone needs a goal!

I have a busy life, maybe even an interesting life, but I’m not exactly a wild adventurer, a self made millionaire, a highly confident and exciting personality or a literary genius, so knowing what to blog about or what people may be interested in reading is definitely a new challenge. I’m trying to find a direction, something to focus on.

Forgive the rambling, I don’t know what makes for a good blog, consider this brainstorming. I’m going to include some old posts from blogs of my younger self, but I guess going forward maybe I’ll try a few topics from my jumbled up mind and see where this ends up. You never know, it could be fun! Maybe I’ll find something new and exciting in the process. A new hobby or adventure, places to visit… The possibilities are endless! If I can just work out where to start. ?

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