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“Life” on the Night Shift…

…Feels like slowly dying …But the money’s good!

I spent a year working night shift in a supermarket. Some people love it & thrive, and to them I congratulate you & wish you lots of luck & happiness… But it’s not a long-term lifestyle choice that most people can commit to for any length of time.

The disruption to your body clock & sleep hormones affects health, relationships & mental well-being, so I recommend presuming the job will last about a year until you find something better. If you love it & it suits you, go for it! Be the best you can be for as long as you can. I wish you all the luck & am jealous!

Personally, I’m sorry to say that I just couldn’t hack it. One long hot summer with little to no sleep was enough for me. It left me ill, alone & questioning my life choices. I’ve never felt exhaustion like it.

Sometimes meme’s really do sum up life far better than I ever could.


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