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Capturing Moments in Time

All my life I have carried a camera & photographed EVERYTHING! Because I firmly believe in capturing random moments in time that will never happen again. (Especially in case the old memory card in my brain goes kapoot one day).

In recent years I’ve stopped doing this because everyone these days has a camera phone, & with Facebook, we just seem to assume that these moments are captured by someone somewhere. That they will be around forever, even though we know technology crashes & information is lost all the time.

I’ve woken up really sad today, because I realised I’ve never just once taken a snapshot in class or randomly around college & now I don’t have a nice ‘moment in time’ picture of Steve. A wonderful, kind man & amazing teacher who I genuinely have to thank almost entirely for the fact that I am even going to university at all, even though that was never the plan. He gave me the confidence to aim higher, not to quit. I wish i had captured the moment after he read my personal statement & told me it was “really good” with an excited grin, in that Steve way. He boosted my confidence so much, assuring me that the weird quirky bits about different perspectives I was going to take out, actually demonstrated how I always think so much deeper into everything, & showed personality. (In a good way!) He helped me tweak it so I even got offers from universities I never expected like Norwich & Essex. He was such an amazing man & teacher!! I just wish I had just 1 snapshot from class. Walking in on a Wednesday morning to be greeted by his smile brightened a college day even when it wasn’t going to be easy.

From now on if I randomly bring out my camera or phone to take a snap… Please don’t be offended or cringe. It means you mean something to me, it’s been a pleasure knowing you & this is a memory I want to hang on to. xx ❤

I used to photo everything, I wish I had never stopped. Rest in peace Steve. Xx

*Click here for newspaper article about Steve*

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